Lisa's passion for coaching, mentoring, and leadership training is unparalleled. She has coached me professionally for many years through challenging professional transitions including leaving one job to take another; moving from a technical expert to a supervisor; building and leading a high-performing team; and becoming a change agent; all the while increasing my self-awareness and emotional intelligence.  Many of the lessons I’ve experienced working with Lisa also spill into my personal life which makes sense given Lisa’s focus on identifying/ connecting a person’s core values with their life’s work. 

-Scott He

Lisa was a stabilizing force during an extremely challenging period for me. She helped me sort through the chaff of my feelings to come up with the kernels of my truth - the elements that were important to me going forward, possible strategies on how to implement them and did an awesome job of listening while pulling me out of the maelstrom of my emotions and on to something that inspired me to play to my strengths.  There was an awesome sense of calmness after each of our discussions as the fog began to lift from the storm I was in and a focus to continuing to move forward.  Lisa is a committed and compassionate coach, helping me show up in a way that was authentic and resilient.

- Catherine C

Lisa has been my personal coach for several years, and it is not an overstatement to say that she has been a transformative influence in my life!  When I started this journey, I had no awareness of my deepest feelings or how they influence my personality. By listening intently and asking tough, probing questions, Lisa has coached me through my blindspots and self judgements to rediscover my truest self.

-Scott Ho

When asked about working with Lisa as a coach, I have described her as having "Coaching Superpowers":  I have continually been impressed by her ability to hone in on key elements of my work life that have the potential to, with improvement, have ripple effect benefits.  She has been able to help me see key areas that with attention and focus, can pay big dividends in terms of my effectiveness and impact at work. She has offered keen insights into my approach and attitudes that I was completely unaware of, and once revealed, helped me to break past bad habits and overcome challenges.  Lisa has led me through creative exercises that have allowed me to gain perspective and illuminate opportunities for growth. The work she has guided me through has illuminated both my strengths and weaknesses and ways to work with both - for the better.  I truly use the lessons learned from my work with Lisa on a daily basis.  And there is rarely a time when I don't have a sticky note reminder on my computer monitor about something Lisa is helping me work on!

-Sarah F

Simply put, I was stuck. Working with Lisa has been revelatory. She helped me to figure out where I wanted to go and she empowered me to find a path to get there.  I am now unstuck, things are flowing, and I am in a much happier and more productive place

-Tim S

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