Individual, executive and team results coaching

  • Individual: Get unstuck, dream big, achieve your goals, and live in alignment with your values. 

  • Executive: Make a bigger impact, get to the next level, change careers or disciplines. 

  • Team: Transform your project and leadership teams by increasing trust, engagement, and accountability.



Facilitated meetings, retreats, workshops & conversations

  • Set your events up for success and ensure that they are efficientimpactful and energizing for lasting impact

  • Resolve issues between individuals and teams

  • Ask the right questions and get to the heart of what you want to achieve

  • Minimize distractions and stay focussed



Custom designed workshops focused on specific outcomes 

  • Identify and address organizational needs to increase effectiveness

  • Introduce concepts and practice skills:

    • Agility

    • The neuroscience of connection

    • Empathy and relationship building

    • Mastering difficult conversations

    • Stakeholder engagment 

    • Building and maintaining high performing cohesive teams




Custom designed leadership training programs  

  • Target specific outcomes

  • Multi month cohort based with capstone projects

  • Personal and team assessments

  • In person and virtual

  • One time training to address specific competencies


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